Sunday, 7 August 2016

"Music has charms to soothe a savage breast "......The phrase was coined by the playwright poet William Congrave in his play "the mourning bride "which was spoken by Almeria in scene 1 act 1. Here "breast"indicates the figurative seat of the emotions, feelings, etc. Ones heart or innermost thoughts. Savage breast held the meaning of someone whose were of a strong, dark nature. Such emotions as anger , fury , jealousy etc were considered savage and uncivilised.
This famous quotation of Willam Congrave has a lot more truth to it than he ever realised four hundred years ago. There is no doubt that listening to music makes us feel good. Music , laughter,  exercise help release of endorphins that create a wonderful relaxed and euphoric feeling.  That is just opposite of what workload and other problems does to us.
In biblical times when king Saul was emotionally and mentally troubled,he used music to heal the troubled soul.
Similarly, in the later years Confucius philosophies had teaching of "ritual and music are clues to harmonious living" reflected his love of music . Confucius believed that music had direct effect on the mind,body and soul and  hkgoemotions both individually and socially.  The effects of music on the human body is are numerous and beneficial when applied properly. First music , with its changes in notes , the intervals and tempo causes changes in bodily functions . These changes include "pulse rate , respiration and blood pressure.  For example when a child is hyperactive and needs to calm down,  or an adult is tense needs to relax he or she should choose music that has minor chords,  a slow tempo and played softly.  Studies show that music affects our emotions monitoring physiological  responses while someone is listening music proves this. Shakespeare said that music really is the "flood of love". Let us laugh and listen music ,soothe that savage breast and live longer and happier